Is Shanghai LED CHINA 2016 really declined? Dicolor will speak with facts
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September 19, 2016, Shanghai International LED Exhibition was solemnly opened in Pudong New International Expo Center. According to the news released by the organizers of the exhibition, the exhibition will last four days and gathers nearly 1,000 industry elite enterprises, and it is expected to continue to attract professional visitors from more than 150 countries and regions to visit and purchase. However, compared to the enthusiasm of the organizers, some exhibitors have felt another state of mind.

With the development of modern technology, a variety of creative online and offline marketing means have appear, so relying solely on the exhibition to promote the product is becoming more and more difficult. More and more various types of exhibitions while less and less exhibition customers have become a problem exhibition organizers and exhibitors must be faced. As a result, exhibitors gradually began to divide the camp, exhibitors’ dual goals in the past to achieve brand promotion and product sales have begun to waver: some companies positioned as brand promotion, and some only product promotion, some brush sense of presence and some simply give up. The LED display company business performance in the first day of shanghai show has also confirmed this point.


We note that some exhibitors who attended last year’s exhibition did not appear this year, and the performances of exhibitors are quite different. Some booths are full of people, some slightly deserted, while others are "lively outside while deserted inside." Relatively speaking, Absen, Unilumin, Dicolor and other brand reputation and differentiation of these products, in terms of popularity or performance of exhibits, have good response. With diversification of marketing tools and information dissemination channels diversified, a variety of brush sense of presence and lack of pure content-based marketing have make consumers miserable. With the increasingly fierce competition and product homogeneity, consumers gradually become rational and mature and began to focus on product quality and brand in the messy information. This can explain the different performance of many LED display exhibitors in the first day of Shanghai Exhibition from a certain level.


Many companies get together to display a small pitch LED display which bring visual fatigue to customers, but Dicolor is different. Dicolor build a small stage to simulate the application of the product display, which has given the viewers a refreshing and unconventional impression. The graceful of the stage, the beautiful window, thin and light advertising full-screen display together show the full advantage of the product. The M-5901PLUS with its multi-purpose application perfectly define the really indoor and outdoor rental products. It can be used as main screen, stage side screen, floor LED display, sky LED display, and a curved screen. This product with its stable performance and excellent market performance, become the darling of domestic and foreign markets. Clear picture, delicate, smooth, the main screen is the X-281. This product is designed for Europe and the United States high-end rental customers by Dicolor.It has cross-leasing, fast installation, anti-off&anti-knock, multi-screen creative design and other characteristics. The debut of the M-100D outdoor energy-saving advertising screen, once again achieve a new breakthrough in Dicolor’s traditional energy-saving technology. 7000nits brightness, 300W maximum power consumption, energy saving 50% more than conventional products; 960X960mm classic box size, installation holes and 30kg / weight that make it easy for customers to upgrade the original screen while retain the steel structure. Cooling design, highly aesthetic thin profile aluminum box, can be air-conditioned free, free decoration installation, which save more than 50% installation cost.


It is the emphasis on product features and customer experience that make Dicolor booth popular in the first day of the Shanghai exhibition in the surround of Ansen,Unilumin and other led brand. From the first day of the statistical data,Dicolor received a total of more than 200 Chinese and foreign customers, and international customers accounted for more than 60%; intentional order of over 4200 square meters.


In order to achieve better communication and interaction with customers, Dicolor will hold a small party in the afternoon, waiting for new and old customers to visit.

In view of the decline in the number of visitor today, the bloom of Dicolor is the interpretation of a different color Shanghai Exhibition.

In Pudong, the new International Expo Center, E1-C12 booth, Dicolor, we are looking forward to your visit!

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