Dicolor LED display made its debut in Kazakhstan national television and contributes to 2017 Expo
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From June 10, 2017 to September 10, the world's professional exposition will be held in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. With the approaching of time, the Expo Pavilion construction and the promotional activities are entering a climax.

Recently, the Kazakhstan national television station held a large-scale special party, which is a comprehensive display of the Expo site construction and the great changes Expo has brought to Kazakhstan people's lives. On November 22, 2012, Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan defeated the Belgian city Liège by 103 votes to 44 votes and won the right to host the world's professional exhibition in 2017. Since then, the Kazakhstan government and people began the preparations for the World Expo, the construction of the Expo and the global promotion activities.


1.jpg  The Expo thematic introduction background screen is constructed by Dicolor LED screen


With a large number of energy-saving, environmentally friendly LED display and LED lighting equipment, the party stage design highly fits in with the Expo "future energy" theme.The main screen of central stage is constructed by Dicolor M-480 Plus. The screen display interface is a semi-circular shape, which looks like a rising golden sun, surrounded by 32 golden lights. Gold, Kazakhstan’s favorite color, is a symbol of the whole nation's pride and glory. At the same time, the 32 golden sunlight are also the main pattern of Kazakhstan's flag. The four displays hanging over the central stage are from the M-480PLUS. Dazzling, changing LED display creates a fantastic dream world, which vividly interpreted the positive changes the Expo will bring to Kazakhstan.



Dicolor screen creates beautiful stage effect


In recent years, Shenzhen Dicolor Photoelectric Co., Ltd. accelerates the pace of internationalization. Dicolor products, both in the structural modeling, display quality or stability, have won the full recognition of domestic and foreign customers and more and more international major Activities have also adopted Dicolor LED screen as a display and media. "Settled Kazakhstan national television station and helping 2017 Astana World Expo publicity and promotion, is our fifth presentation in world-class major events of this year. It should be said that this is the glory of manufacturing in China. At the same time, two Dicolor K10 outdoor advertising display are also installed at the Expo entrance. “Dicolor vice president, Mr. Du Honglu said in an interview." At present, we have accumulated rich display screen project experience in major economic and cultural activities. In the future development, Dicolor will work hard to let display technology create a better life, as always, design and manufacture high - quality display for the global customers. 



Dicolor screen creates beautiful stage effect


2017 Astana World Expo will be held from June 10 to September 10, and the theme is "the future of energy" .It is expected to attract more than 100 countries and 10 international organizations to participate. With a total programming area of more than 100 hectares, of which the venue area is 25 hectares, it is expected to attract about 5 million visitors. This is the first time for the former CIS countries to hold a World Expo, and the first time for Kazakhstan to hold a world event of this magnitude after its independence. Kazakhstan's first deputy foreign minister and 2017 Astana World Expo government representative Jozbaev told the Southern Weekend that: Astana World Expo is a national project for Kazakhstan and is an excellent opportunity to get new energy and green technology. Astana Expo will become a platform for innovation in the world energy sector and contribute to the development of alternative renewable energy sources. At the same time, it will promote the further diversification and modernization of the national economy and help Kazakhstan to transform to "green economy".



Astana Expo tower


Expo is divided into three categories, the first category is also known as a comprehensive category of the Expo, the extension is usually 6 months, and held once every 5 years, 2010 Shanghai World Expo is the case. The second category is also known as professional recognition Fair class, usually 3 months extension, the 2012 Korea Yeosu World Expo and the upcoming Astana World Expo will fall into this category. The third category is the A1 World Horticultural Exposition which approved by the International Association of horticultural producers and recognized by the International Exhibitions Bureau, the expo being held in Turkey Antalya World Park and 2019 Beijing World Park will belong to this category.





In August 2015, the Chinese government confirmed to participate in the 2017 Astana Expo, and the theme is "the future of the energy road, green Silk Road." China Pavilion planning display area is about 1000 square meters, about 9 meters high. According to functional zoning and planning, it is divided into five display areas and a comprehensive work area. According to the exhibition content, its display space is reasonable and effectively divided into prelude Hall, energy corridor, China's new energy practice, China Dream Theme Theater, interactive and other areas. By then, the Kazakh government is expected to provide visa-free services for Chinese citizens.

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