Dicolor Second Evolution Creates an Intelligent and Simple Era
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Shenzhen Dicolor Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd has been sailing for 10 years in the LED screen industry until now. “The 10th anniversary, the second evolution” has presented Dicolor people 10 years’ efforts and harvest, which also lighted up our passion for the second evolution. Dicolor people remain mobilized for brand new endeavors.


1、The splendid Opening Ceremony with many guests and friends

There are more than 50 guests from about 20 different countries and Dicolor suppliers, News media friends garthered together at Songshanhu Jingdi International banquet hall at 14:00, 15th of Jan, 2017.All the friends has witnessed Dicolor 2017 new product release and the 10th anniversary at this splendid hall.


The new products introduction started from stage solutions to commercials LED screen and then to LED traffic signs. We presented the four new solutions by both hardware and software. They are just like beautiful sceneries attracting guests and friends’ attention and pushed the conference to a perfect performance. 

2、The strategic guides lighted up our passion for the second evolution

Dicolor CEO Mr. Kevin Xu’s great speech delivered our development strategies for the upcoming 3-5 years.

He told us there is a dream in Dicolor people’s mind. We are dreaming about there is one day we can deliver our LED screen to all the families with just a piece of simple using manual. Everybody can install it easily and turn it on to let our LED technology bring a beautiful life to them. In the past ten year, Dicolor has been developed steadily, our sales turnover has increased from several million RMB at the very beginning to 350 million RMB till now.


Now, Dicolor has been developing on the trend of stage solutions as main business, vigorous growth on commercial LED screen and intelligent LED traffic sign. We have been ranked on the 5th in domestic market, and the 7th on overseas market. Dicolor will  introduce venture investment to start shareholding reform. In 2020, Dicolor’s sales target is to reach 100 million RMB. It is our goal to be ranked in top three globally in LED screen industry.

About our product development, we will focus on intelligentization to empower our LED screen with intelligence and life by technology. And we also will be targeting on developing more user-friendly solutions to make all the people use the screen easily and achieve fool-style operation based on high performance of price and quality. We launched intelligent connection idea in 2017, and we will release plug&play mode in 2018, the idea of smart cluster connection and control will be released in 2019. The upcoming X-plus and M-pro are the breakthroughs for our efforts on intelligentizaiton and fool-style operation. 

Our second evolution will open the intelligent and simple era.

3、New products release creates an intelligent and simple era

The release of X-plus, M-pro, Mural and Agape LED traffic sign pushed our conference forward to the higher level.


The R&D director Mr.Wu Mingjin released our HD LED screen solution --- X-plus. He is very much look like Jobs speech style, which makes his speech more powerful and impressive!


The sales director Miss Liu Qin from Asia and Africa region, she delivered us the speech for Multi-function curved design stage solution --- M-pro.


Mr.Fu Wei, the product director, launched the commercial advertising LED screen.


The sales director Mr. Tang Fengjiao launched the LED traffic sign and controlling system.


New product conference 

4、Marketing Strategies help the coming of intelligent and simple era.

To achieve our strategic target in the upcoming 3-5 years, Dicolor Vice president Tony Du has delivered his speech about our 2017 marketing strategies. In his speech, he emphasized in the three works that we will focus on in 2017--- New product development, Key Market Development and Global Brand Presentation. 


Tony said to provide much more user-friendly and intelligent solutions have always been our target on product development. The fool-style operation, intelligent connection, 18 bits and knob-style locks for curved shapes will be Dicolor products’ labels.

We will be more focused on the market development by shrinking the market region to about 20 countries and also by establishing overseas branches, after-sales service centers, and developing agents or distributors.

In 2017, for the better sales of M-pro, X-plus and Mural, we will continuously work tightly with our industry partners on marketing activities and establish a all-round marketing system by attending shows, new product release, local road show, cooperating with industry medias and social medias.

By the principle of “customers-oriented”, Dicolor will do better on products and marketing.

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