Melink-Mini/Micro led display
All-in-one Smart Solution

  • Unique Technology

  • Equipment Integration

  • Color Refinement 

  • AI Application

  • Custmorized Service
Customerized Service
This new conference product provides customized service as well,including the border color, user interface and etc. All these factors can be defined by the user, which is beneficial for users’ companies to make brand culture display and promotion.

CRMT Refinement Management Technology
This The screen of the MeLink is standard pixel-to-pixel 2K resolution.Through the fine gray algorithm technology, with software and hardware, it can achieve the gray scale to 18bit
The Unique D-COB Technology

Compared to traditional COB encapsulation technology, Shenzhen Dicolor unique DCOB secondary encapsulation technology improves a lot product reliability from the encapsulation process and manufacturing process.

AIO Higher Intergrated
Switch Based on operation experiences from users, Shenzhen Dicolor highly integrates traditional distributed projector, controlling computer, electric whiteboard, projection screen and other AV equipments into one professional meeting product – MeLink, which greatly improves the efficiency and usability of the meeting equipment.

The Main Customers In Conference Market