HP Series-Mini/Micro led display
Bring The World Closer To You
High Definition

    Seamless Splicing

    Long Lifespan

    Good Flatness

    Good Heat Dissipation

    Wide Viewing Angle

    High Grey Level And Refresh Rate

    Front Maintenance
Extra Wide Viewing Angle
Extra wide viewing angle, no blind angle and color cast.
High Grey Level And High Refresh Rate,Perfect Display
Low brightness with high grey level and high refresh rate,stable dynamic display effect, no ripple, no flicker, the edge of the image is clear, and the visual experience is more comfortable.
HD Seamless Display

HD seamless display, enjoy the big, complete display effect.

Die Cast Aluminum Cabinet
Die cast aluminum cabinet, special heat exhaution design, ensure stable and safety performance.
Response In Nanoseconds
Frame changing in nanoseconds, fast dynamic display without ghosting and tailing.