HDC Series-Mini/Micro led display
Mini/Micro led display-led screen

  • Higher Stability

  • High Protective

  • Excelletn Rendering

  • Good Heat Dissipation
Higher Protective-Mini/Micro led display
D-COB is effectively anti-static, anti-corrosion,anti-oxidation, compared with SMD discrete devices and common COB, the dead lamp rate is lower and the lifespan is longer. users do not worry about high temperature and humidity storage, transportation and operation environment.

Excellent Rendering-Mini/Micro led display
Switch operating environment based on Windows and Android dual system, it supports AI camera and voice acquisition system,Automatic conference sign-in and identification function.Conference speaker's voice information simultaneous interpretation, translation and automatic saving of meeting records.Support multiple desktop information sharing and collaboration of equipment, meeting annotations, meeting high sensitivity Touch and electronic whiteboard writing function, economic and environmental protection。Really paperless meetings Management, call conference logistic services and share meeting summary with one click.
Higher Stability--Mini/Micro led display

Compared to traditional COB encapsulation technology, Shenzhen Dicolor unique D-COB secondary encapsulation technology improves a lot product reliability from the encapsulation process and manufacturing process. Except Convenient touch and smart writing function, it also can be wiped and cleaned directly. D-COB lamp beads withstand vertical pressure 100N / cm2, effectively protect it from bumping and dropping lights or even pad falling down during transportation and installation, which will help reducing user maintenance costs.

Good Heat Dissipation And Common Cathode
The positive and negative electrode of the LED chip in the D-COB is directly connected to the circuit on the PCB , with the shortest heat conduction path, no intermediate medium, the minimum thermal resistance, better heat dissipation effect than SMD discrete devices, and better power saving effect.