HA Series-Mini/Micro led display
Extraordinary HD Display For Future

  • Full Front Maintenance

  • Dual-Backup

  • Wireless Connection

  • Extremely Light & Slim

  • High Grey Level And Refresh Rate

  • 16 : 9 Ratio

  • 2K/4K Standard Resolution
Extremely Light And Slim
DicolAdopt die-casting modular design, 16:9 ratio design,
cabinet width only 57 mm, saving the installation
space and edge covering cost.

Easy Maintenance
Available for installation on the wall, full front maintenance for the modules, receiving cards, and power suppliers, easy installation and maintenance.
Wireless Connection

Wireless connection technology and port backup function, reducing the wire connection between the cabinets, to save time and cost.

High Gray Level,High Refresh Rate,Perfect Display
Low brightness with high gray level and high refresh rate, stable dynamic display effect, no ripple, no flicker, the edge of the imagine is clear, and the visual
experience is more comfortable.

HD Seamless Display
HD Seamless Display, eliminate the visual seam, and enjoy the big, complete display effect.

Dual-backup Design
Dual-backup design of the power and signal, making the fine pixel products more steady and reliable.