HT Series-Mini/Micro led display
Pratical for Application

  • Super Resolution Rate & Grey Level

  • Full Front Maintenance

  • Dual - Backup

  • Wireless Connection

  • Extremely Light & Slim

  • Rectangular Splicing

  • 16 : 9 Ratio

  • 2K/4K Standard Resolution
SRG Patent
Dicolor self-directed SRG, super refresh rate and grey level display technology, making the display clearer and better reducibility.
Easy Maintenance
Available for installation on the wall, full front maintenance for the modules, receiving cards, and power suppliers, easy installation and maintenance.
Wireless Connection

Wireless connection technology and port backup function, reducing the wire connection between the cabinets, to save time and cost.

90° Rectangular Splicing
Rectangular splicing is available, structural fine-tuning technology, ensuring the flatness when
splicing, seamless splicing, to solve the industry accuracy difficulty in splicing of fine pixel products. Coupler locks embedded inside four sides of the cabinets, making the installation easier and moreconvenient, saving the time and labor
Products all are front maintenance, efficiency increased 5 time; innovative practical fast lock.