Company Profile

Dicolor, the top global visual technology solutions provider, has been adhering to technological innovation since its establishment 15 years ago. We have industry's leading D-COB technology what's use for micro led display and mini led display, we also have the world’s top three stage-art performing market share, and more than 210 patents. Dicolor has won many domestic and foreign awards such as the German Red Dot Design Award and the Japanese Good Design.

Dicolor takes rental & stage display, commercial display and Melink conference all-in-one as the market direction, and goes hand in hand. Products are widely used in stage leasing,broadcast media, sports, exhibitions, transportation, education, security, conferences and other fields. Dicolor always adhere to the quality concept of "Brand is based on quality", and strive to be the top one of led display industry.Dicolor Rental & Stage Group, focusing on high-definition stage rental display and creative display, with the concept of “stage art worldwide, stage shining the world”, aims to provide customers with the best service and jointly promote the development of stage display field.

Dicolor commercial group mainly focuses on ultra-high-definition small-pitch series displays and smart commercial display fixed-mounted series displays, based on the concept of "intelligent display links everything", focusing on making the display more spiritual by technology, and providing customers with real intelligent displays.