Set Up Shenzhen Microcob Technology Co. , Ltd. , focusing on D-COB technology development;

Secured a significant Series A funding.;

Conversion to joint-stock enterprises. 


Established Dicolor Dongguan Intelligent Co., Ltd with 21,000m2;

HP & HT series Got Red Dot Design award;

Founded Russian Subsidiary and Malaysia branch office.


First year for IPO and launched listing plan officially;

Launched the independent SRG technology.


2017 the Second development to start an era of intelligence and convenience. 
Jan , 2017  the intelligence concept leads LED Screen industry to a age of intelligence.
Jan, 2017  the knob-style locks was initiated by Dicolor in the LED screen industry.
July, 2017  Dicolor Holland office launched.
Oct, 2017  M-pro series design got G-mark Prize.
Dec, 2017  American branch office launched


focusing on rental solutions and globally business exploration
Jan, 2016  the release of M-plus series, the first solution to be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
May,2016  Dicolor initiated industrial chains cooperation, we also launched technical exchange meetings at Dubai,Russia and India.
Aug, 2016  Sparing efforts on rental series marketing on Europe.
Oct, 2016  1000sqm stage LED screen project at Macao Jingsha Great Theater.


2015  Working harder and forging forward.
Feb, 2015  Implementing a value of 10 million RMB for Employees share holder
April,2015  got the prize of “2015 LED initiative Prize”
June,2015  releasing K series outdoor SMD solution.


Focused on market segmentation and endeavored to cultivate the global markets.

Feb, 2014   Dicolor launched HD stage displays:M-series for rental applications and the small picel pitch S-series for indoor applications;

Feb,2014    Dicolor set up Shenzhen Agape technology Co.,Ltd, specializing in traffic sign LED displays;

Aug, 2014   Moved to the new industrial park, which covers an area of 30,000 square meters;


Dicolor accelerated its brand upgrade process.

Dec,2013   Company was awarded as one of the top ten LED suppliers for outdoor advertising and stadiums;

Nov,2013   Our U,V, I series received the High-Tech Products Award from the Guangdong province;

July,2013   Dicolor was awarded as the most promising LED enterprise;

Apr,2013   Our U-smart P4mm was shown at Russian President Putin’s news conference in Kremlin;


Accelerated the service localization process, strengthened the strategic upgrade of production lines, and started a new era of large-size advertising LED displays.

Mar,2012  Established a branch in Germany, and several global agencies in UK, Indonesia, Chile

and Colombia;

Oct,2012   Launched I-Magic to replace traditional LED display concepts, starting a new era of large-size advertising LED displays;

Nov,2012   Established domestic branches in Beijing, Xi'an, Guiyang, Hefei and Shenzhen;


Lauched brand new indoor & outdoor EMC LED display series.

Feb, 2011  Launched the world's first High Energy-saving MBI5035 LED display;

Aug, 2011  Lauched easy and fast installable Die-Casting Aluminum cabinets, leading the industry to a new epoch;


Successfully entered into EU LED Traffic Sign Market.

Mar,2010  Passed the first audit of Holland EN12966 lab;

Apr,2010  Our indoor LED displays passed the EMC certification of German EMC lab;

Oct,2010  Our circular and book-shaped LED displays colored up the 16th Asian Games;


Became one of the top five LED display manufacturers.

July, 2009   Moved to the new industrial park,which covers an area of 10,000 square meters;

Sep,2009  Cooperated with Nichia to develop traffic sign LED displays,enabling Dicolor to be the first domestic LED enterprise to pass the EN12966 certification;

Sep,2009  Our LED displays were present at the F1 Formula One rece in Singapore;


Became one of the top 20 LED display manufacturers.

Jan,  2008    Won the bid of 47-piece wireless controlled LED displays for Ethiopia’s exchange market;

Mar,  2008    Increased capital to 2 million;

Nov,  2008   Our P16mmLED Display appeared the 24th World University Winter Games;

Dec,  2008    Exported to more than 80 countries and regions; Annual export ratio reached 89%;


Successfully entered the LED display market.

July, 2007    Won the bid ofEthiopia’s 500-square meter project;

Dec, 2007   Exported to more than 30 countries and regions;the annual export ratio reached 95%;


Dicolor was founded.